Ilium's dedicated professionals are diverse and highly experienced. Our team includes a collaborative mix of marketing professionals and talented designers.


Carolyn Andersen - President
As President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ilium Associates, Inc., Carolyn directs and reviews all management, research and design work. She also provides day-to-day management and performs work in marketing, media, community participation, and consumer research.
Bob Prowda - Executive Vice President
Bob has worked in transit marketing management, consumer research, user information, advertising and customer service for over twenty-five years. He directed the first federally sponsored marketing management program for transit managers, and has delivered speeches on the subject at numerous conferences.
Don Sellars - Vice President
Don has over 20 years of experience developing and managing corporate and brand identity programs, marketing communications, advertising, and signage for a wide variety of clients and industries.
John Gobis - Associate Vice President
John N. Gobis has more than 20 years experience providing clients in the public and private sectors with strategic planning, market research, marketing management, organizational policy, pricing and fare policy, service design and delivery consulting services.